Benefits of Insuring With Asia LoadExpress

  • Save up to 90% on insurance costs.
  • Simple, rapid, & paperless claims process.
  • Multiple reporting options.
  • Inbound and outbound coverage.
  • Friendly, personal service.
  • Cover small parcels and large freight.

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Goods Insurance

These services are well known for steadfastness, minimum time consumption via air routes and doorstep safe delivery of goods.The reason of providing such service is that we tend to collect 100% customer satisfaction and earn their respective trust, it is all dependent upon how much you trust us, but sometimes in rarest in rare cases accidents happen and for that we decide to claim our fault and the give compensation of the damaged goods caused by us. For worry free trust, we try our level best like we have, and we ensure the safety of all the goods even in the natural calamity.


From packing & moving of fragile household items to moving of vehicles, we take care of every need. Along with packing, loading, transporting and unloading, we also offer unpacking and re-arranging services. All our services are executed as per client’s requirement with the sole aim of making relocation stress free. We offer local household shifting and intercity or interstate household shifting. And while doing any of the listed things any damage is caused by us or natural calamity, we will give you the claim to redeem from us.

Our speciality is to provide everything which is in our hands to customers and if we still lack in something we will improve it as per feedback of every customer, for us the feedback is very important, because it is the only way we could get the right advice for improvising our servicing, we have added few more services just based on many customer’s advice or the feedbacks, so feel free to comment on our service, because we love to get improvised.

This service is rendered by our knowledgeable professionals to introduce customers to various policies regarding with risks such as accidents, fire, nature, calamities etc. Provided service is easily affordable. It is low cost and high-quality assurance from us. we understand all the demands of our customers and deliver this service within promised time frame.

We respect that you chose us and if any damage is cause we would surely claim the Goods insurance and ensure the 100% safety from our side, the things like natural calamity come rarely and without informing, so in such conditions too we would provide the claim for it and take the responsibility on us as you had to give the contract to us and we would take care of every responsibility with Joy. For offering goods insurance services, we require simple paperwork regarding valuation of the industrial goods to be transported.

Typical examples include goods damaged during unloading and loading or while in storage; damage due to labor strike; and earthquake-related damage. These perils can be covered if the insurance is placed properly. Because of these goods can get damaged real serious where the claim would work.

Inherent Vice refers to damage caused by a product’s instability rather than external factors. For example, coal tends to self-combust, some oils solidify, and paper can disintegrate. Inherent Vice is generally excluded, but a discussion with experts in packers and movers like us can give a clear sense of how to reduce Inherent Vice risks. With our advice and service, you can reduce the risk of damage and remember that it is a rare case that the goods get damaged but sometimes it does get damaged sometimes.

Many times, our customers have complained at first about how we got their goods got damaged and all, but later when we told them about our Goods Insurance Facility, they looked more satisfied than a person whose goods just got damaged. So, as the professional agency, we would provide everything you could possibly think of to make you happy and satisfied. We understand how near and dear those belongings are to you and we assure that we would take care of them in the same way you would bring them by yourself.


It is always one more thing which we always say to the customer that the claim would be redeemed even if it is the natural calamity, it includes many types of natural calamities. What is this natural calamity? The answer is,

A natural calamity is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth; examples include floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geologic processes. In all these situations the goods insurance facility can be redeemed. Because for us, the trust of the customer costs more than money. Our mission is to provide our clients with customized insurance coverage to protect their valuable assets. We are progressing in it eventually.

As a leading business in Packers and Movers at Asia LoadExpress, we have been captivated in the arena of delivering Goods Insurance Services to our admired customers. It is loved by every customer that their goods damage is covered and they did not need to worry anymore.

Every shipment, we accept is covered by standard global conventions as specified in our Terms & Conditions. However, these offer limited liability based on weight, not the actual value of your shipment. But still, for our customers, we negotiate the pricing of the claim and offer them the best we can.

Asia LoadExpress and movers are the agency of its word, whatever it say, it does, and it has proved to be too! We promise to people because we love to complete it. With our punctual timing and proper packing, everyone is amazed, but some are not when their goods get damaged, we amaze them insisting the goods insurance facility, and after claiming it they feel fresh and they want to deliver their goods with us again. So, don’t worry about anything when you are with us because we will take care of everything once you have given the contract to us.

Last but not the least, this is the facility that not very much companies would provide, you would have to take goods insurance from outside, but here at Asia LoadExpress and movers, we would give this facility included. So, pick up the phone and call us straight away.

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